Scientific Studies

Harvard Medical School - Study of Diode Laser for Hair Reduction on all Skin Types.
Study : Forty subjects, 25 female and 15 males with coarse, dark hair on their thigh and backs were treated.
Conclusion : An 800 nm diode laser provides for effective, long term hair reduction of medium to coarse pigmented hair, even in some darker-skinned patients. Both short term hair growth delay and permanent hair reduction was observed. In addition, when hair regrowth did occur, the hair was thinner and lighter.

Harvard Medical School/Laser Center of New York - Effective, Permanent Hair Reduction Using a Pulsed, Diode Laser
Study : 92 patients treated at two seperate facilities, comprising 45 males and 47 females with varying hair colours and skin types. Treatments were made at 0, 1, 3, 6 and 9 months.
Conclusion : 89% of patients achieved significant permanent hair reduction in this large, long-term, blind, controlled and quantitative study. Many patients had nearly complete, permaent hair reduction after two treatments. Regrowing hair was typically thinner and lighter in colour, adding to the cosmetic benefit.

Jinnah Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan - Laser Hair Removal with an 800 nm Diode Laser
Study : A retrospective study of 1000 women with Fitzpatric Skin Types II and VI.
Conclusion : For the 500 women treated on their entire face and neck, apparent hair reduction was estimated to be in the 70% to 80% after five to six treatments. In other areas hair reduction was higher ranging from 80% to 95% with the women achieving satisfactory results within four or five treatments.

Japanese Society of Aesthetic Surgery 1999. Lecture presented.
Reported on a multicenter clinical trial study involving 150 patients. The study involved six treatments given 1 - 2 months apart with patients being followed for at least six months after the last treatment.
Conclusion : 93% of females and 80% of males had significant permanent hair reduction.